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Antique Yarn Winder signed D. Kunkel, Asking $175, 908-234-9263



Pick Up only in Whitehouse Station, NJ
Wolf Pup, new condition 4 shaft, direct tie-up
17 inch 12 dent reed, instruction Manual
Contact Angela Pasquariello at


Nilus LeClerc 45" 4 harness 6 treadle jack loom in good condition.  Included are 4 dents, lease sticks, 2 shuttles, bobbins, bobbin winder, large warping board, some corrugated cardboard and a few cones of fine alpaca yarn. 

Frieda ​Goodrich


Harrisville Designs 40 in 8 harness 10 treadle floor loom- Already assembled

Considered the best model ever made by Harrisville because it is quiet, just the right size and beefy enough to handle big projects. Excellent condition.

Comes with extra black harness cables, extra snap chains for the treadles, rattle, manual & brand new 8 dent reed.

Folds up to store easily.

Blue book value according to Harrisville is $1840.00 (New $3680.00)  Asking $1000.00

Please contact:

Marcella Paraskevas-Ramirez 808-756-5994  
Location: Linden, NJ